Finding Jackpot Sized Gains In The Small Cap Market

We provides members with critical information and the best list of penny stocks to buy that can produce truly BULLISH GAINS.

Our team is here for no other reason than to provide our valued subscribers and members with critical information to help them SUCCEED in the "Penny Stock" market. Small to micro cap stocks can have explosive moves which can result in HUGE gains and our number one priority is to bring our subscribers these kinds of explosive stocks to watch before they start a bull run.

Since you do not need to have a million dollar portfolio to thrive in the small cap market, many investors and traders are searching for credible small to micro cap companies due to their enormous gains potential. Finding a $5.00 stock that goes to $50.00 can take years but finding a $0.05 stock that goes to $0.50 can be a weekly occurrence.

Our team scours for ultimate stock alerts to find the next BIG mover and shaker. We alert our members to the best penny stocks to watch before the crowd catches on allowing them to maximize gains and realize profits. No one puts out winning alerts like us. No one!

How We Do And What We Do

After completing in-depth due diligence and advanced technical analysis our team will release the trading symbol in the subject line "JACKPOT Pick...". The email will include a link to our complete research report along with the primary reasons we feel this company has so much potential.

Your Success Is Our Success

Success speaks for itself and nothing speaks louder than the success of our valued subscribers. We're proud to play a role in helping ordinary investors find the hot penny stocks. Did you know the majority of our new subscribers are referred directly by our existing subscribers?

What we look for in a Jackpot Pick!

Management Team (35%)

Since many penny stock companies are young, we look for management teams that have proven track records. We love Experience!

Growth Potential / Products and Services (30%)

While year after year growth is what we want, we also look for growth potential. We look for penny stock companies that are developing products and/or services that will be in demand.

Recent News (20%)

Since many penny stock companies are young, we look for management teams that have proven track records. We love Experience!

Sector of the Company (15%)

Our analysts find gems in sectors that are forecasting huge growth in the near future.


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Charlie B.

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Susan W.

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Aaron L.